Years in the making.

Some businesses succeed as a result of an invention or idea. Some have a patented product that only they can deliver. Others win contracts to provide services with government businesses, that allow them to prosper as long as they can meet demand.

The printing industry doesn’t operate in the same way. There’s a free market of competitors vying for print work that may or may not end up in your favor. This can be tough when people buy based on price, but luckily for us, there’s a lot that goes into winning the projects we quote. Whether it be a print or mailing job, a design project or fulfillment of a year-long series of on-demand needs, there’s room to stand out through service, quality and attention to detail. We’ve grown from modest roots to a namesake business in the printing industry – and it’s something we’re very proud of. Being known for quality and service, in a sea of price-driven competitors provided us the opportunity to rise above.

Throughout the series of dates below, we’ve taken steps to assure we’re delivering work we can stand behind. We’ve held the business in the Roach family for decades, and with every new addition or change, we aim to up the ante. The most exciting addition to our timeline? It’s our next. Because as excited as we are of what we’ve become, we’re ecstatic about what the future holds. Thanks for joining us for the ride!


Harry C. Mills starts a printing company, atop a blacksmith’s shop at 125 West Main Street, in Falconer, NY.


Mills moves the firm to 39 West Main Street, and firm becomes Falconer Printing Company.


Maurice Roach begins working at Falconer Printing between his junior and senior years of high school.


After graduating from high school, Maurice Roach takes a full time role at Falconer Printing.


Harry Mills and Maurice Roach become partners of Falconer Printing.


Falconer Printing moves to present location at 66 East Main Street, Falconer.


Harry Mills passes on, and Maurice Roach fully takes over the business.


The first of seven building expansions take place.


Business name is changed to Falconer Printing and Design Inc.


Maurice’s son Stephen Roach joins the printing firm.


Falconer Printing and Design brings in first use of computerized typesetting.


James Roach, another son of Maurice Roach, brings his own business, Roach Photography, into the Falconer Printing and Design umbrella.


Maurice Roach acquires the Kenneth W. Fosberg Co., adding additional assets and capabilities to Falconer Printing and Design, creating Jamestown Envelope and Paper Products divisions of the company.


Maurice Roach celebrates 50 years in the printing business, and chooses to retire. Ownership of Falconer Printing and Design is passed on to sons Stephen and James.


Installation of first electronic imaging and scanning equipment takes place.


First high-volume, production-level digital printer brought in-house.


First computer-to-plate system is installed.


Stephen Roach Jr., third generation (Maurice’s grandson) joins Falconer Printing and Design.


Falconer Printing and Design installs chemistry-free CTP and receives GreenWorks Environmental Recognition award from AGFA corporation.


Falconer Printing and Design celebrates 100 years of craftsmanship.


Stephen Roach retires from Falconer Printing and Design, and Stephen Roach Jr. is named Vice President.


Falconer Printing and Design changes name back to Falconer Printing, continuing design and mailing services, but reinvesting in printing technology and specialty printing services.


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