Weight just one minute.

What's in a number? "100 lb. text. Wait, no, 80 lb. cover. Actually, how about 120 lb. text? That's not a thing? OK, then 100 lb. text. Yeah, that's it. Let's go with 100 lb. text... unless that's too thin. Um, what would you recommend?" We hear this kind of dialogue about as often as… Read More

A sign of things to come.

Big Opportunities With the increased reliance upon digital media devices and the advent of digital advertising, the print industry has seen its fair share of competition. To good printers, that's a really good thing. With competition comes more scrutiny in the buyer's selection process, and when you have a reputation for good work, you'll get… Read More

New additions.

Is it appropriate to take baby photos of a new print press? Before you answer, it’s a really freaking cool one. Triplets, actually. Fraternal, to be exact. We had the pleasure of welcoming three brand new print presses to the Falconer Printing family this month, and boy was it exciting. With labor taking nearly three…

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